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Don’t Spam Us During Harvest!

As we wrap up harvest — the busiest time of year for our members — we are here to report what fuels our members through the season.

We all know that it takes to get our tractors and combines going, but we wondered: what keeps our farmers going while they’re out in the field? After a quick poll, it was clear that the crowd favorite – the almighty sandwich – could be found on most equipment during harvest.

Snacks and chips were selected the second-most among members. Not a surprise there – a sandwich needs its sidekick! (Note, members could choose multiple items.)

We’re also happy to report that among the other top picked snacks were all healthy options: fruit, veggies, and hard boiled eggs.

We also asked our members which variety of drinks they choose to bring.

Nearly almost all of the 400 members that took the poll reported bringing water with them while harvesting.

Interestingly enough, both soda and Gatorade came in second and third, respectively — beating out caffeine boosters coffee and tea. Perhaps the coffee/tea caffeine boost is not as affective as that of soda while harvesting….or maybe…. an ice cold Budweiser just looks more appetizing this time of day!

Members were also asked to submit their other favorite items that come out to the field with them, and while reviewing the results, we picked our favorite response and created a visual for you.

The honorable mention for ‘favorite item’ item goes to:

Spam singles to strap on cornhead gearbox, warms up nicely.
– Ag Access Member

SPAM – the perfect harvest snack

Either way you slice it, we at Ag Access would like to thank our members for taking the time to engage with us and participate in our studies throughout harvest.

Your feedback is always appreciated! (And a friendly reminder to marketers: don’t spam us too much during harvest!)

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