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Sales in any industry is dependent on good information: information that can anticipate consumer need, direct product design, identify competitors and drive a company’s marketing efforts. Indeed, good information is often the difference between a company merely existing and actually thriving. 

Businesses can get data in a variety of ways, but to get data for ag sales, in particular, they really shouldn’t try to go it alone. On the contrary, a professional market research firm specializing in the farming industry can help an ag business navigate farming’s many niche segments, ensuring that good information is the right information. Here are two huge reasons why an ag business should work with a market research firm like Ag Access to get data for ag sales:

A Niche Market Research Firm Has Access to Qualified Respondents

In sales, it’s all about matching the right people with the right product. You must determine what consumers want and give it to them. Having a partner who intimately knows and understands the nuances of a market means you’re more likely to connect with respondents who can provide the opinions and behaviors that actually do, can and will affect your sales! For example, here at Ag Access, we have our own insights community of over 400,000 members, through which we are able to access over one million targeted contacts. These contacts can be categorized by multiple features according to specific equipment, operation and/or occupation details; we can quickly reach respondents with experience in areas such as crop growing; livestock producers; turf management; farm equipment; feed supply; veterinary care and nutrition; pest control and distribution. In a business where time is money, having a pre-qualified and easily categorized pool of people from which relevant information can be drawn means companies can get data for ag sales that truly reflects the actions, thoughts and experiences of a specific type of audience, making it more probable that any business decisions made based upon them will be profitable ones!

A Niche Market Research Firm Can Facilitate the Gathering of Actionable Insights

Of course, a niche market research firm is also better equipped to guide companies as they define their research problems and choose their methodologies. Too often, businesses just don’t know what they don’t know. Professional researchers, however, can advise them on the questions they should be asking, with specialized researchers like us further providing input about possible trends and issues affecting the ag market at large. The result: questions that get to the heart of the matter and research results that directly reflect and impact a specific ag market issue. Rather than needlessly waste time, money and effort on uncovering data that isn’t relevant, companies can instead focus their resources on getting answers that address real-world concerns, thus, driving innovation and, ultimately, sales.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about ag market research and how our team at Ag Access can help you solve problems and increase sales, please contact us. Our unique understanding of the agriculture industry means partnering with us grants you not just good information, but the right information!

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