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Like many industries, the market research ecosystem was greatly impacted by 2020. As companies scaled back their marketing efforts, Ag Access parent company Communications for Research (CFR) saw work dip by 70%. How did the economic crisis of 2020 inspire innovation and the birth of custom research solutions for the ag industry?

In this episode of Intellicast, Ag Access Co-CEO Colson Steber discusses the hurdles and necessary pivots that shaped his business over the past year. Colson and the CFR team leveraged over 20 years in the agriculture market research space to identify areas traditional market research firms were falling short, including ag respondent recruiting, profiling, research logistics, and data analysis, leading to the formation of Ag Access. The company has managed a “v-shaped comeback” with services including data collection and survey design, and provides access to a community of over 45,000 richly-profiled research participants. Tune in to learn more about the company’s journey and how they have achieved success as an ally to ag researchers.

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