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Right Product, Wrong People: How Talking to the Right Audience Can Change Decisions

Impactful research outcomes depend on talking to the right people about the right things. Similarly, successful recruiting requires not just an understanding of the target audience, but also a strong relationship with them. When done well, targeted recruiting reduces the uncertainty of whether the research process will yield the results to make the right business decisions.

At the recent Quirk’s Event in New York, Ag Access presented jointly with Indigo Ag, an agricultural technology company, focusing precisely on this crucial aspect. In agriculture, the right people could be anyone along the path from farmer to consumer brand. Indigo Ag was looking to work with farmers to enhance their online grain marketplace to improve the grain selling experience. Leveraging their expertise and well-established relationships, Ag Access successfully recruited the ideal candidates for this ag research initiative.

Upon engaging with these carefully chosen individuals, Indigo Ag made a surprising discovery: they were targeting the wrong link in the supply chain. To uncover the correct link, and learn more, we invite you to download our comprehensive case study.


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