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Why General Recruiting Techniques Don’t Work in the Ag Industry

Household grocery decision-makers? Easy. Dog owners? A dime a dozen on a market research survey panels. Sorghum farmers who have recently purchased a seeding machine costing over $1,500? Hmmm...

Farm Market Research 101: How to Reach Your Target Audience

One of the most challenging parts of any business plan is figuring out how to introduce a great product to the right audience. Great products and services are only valuable when they reach the people ...

Don’t Spam Us During Harvest!

As we wrap up harvest — the busiest time of year for our members — we are here to report what fuels our members through the season.

Next-Gen Farmers: 3 Ways They are Different Than the Old Guard

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American farmer is 58 years old with 33% of farmers 65 years or older. Indeed, farming is an aging industry, consistently rising over the l...

How to Recruit Research Participants from Crop Protection Retailers

Market research studies depend on the quality of the research participants. You can have the best questionnaire with all the right questions, but if you give it to the wrong group of people the inform...

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