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The Ag Access Proven System for Ag Research Success

Market research is central to successful business strategy for brands, and yet, far too many rely on free syndicated reports, anecdotal evidence, or out-of-date brand trackers. Success in ag research, and in turn, in agricultural business, requires both a proven process and specialized knowledge of your niche. Partnering with Ag Access is a recipe for research and brand success in the agricultural industry. 

What Does Ag Access’ Agriculture Market Research Process Look Like?

Fail to plan, and plan to fail. It’s a cliché for a reason. And while many data collection partners may seem to have a plan, often it’s lacking in detail or the ability to pivot and adapt as inevitable hurdles present themselves. Our ag research projects all operate based on a comprehensive plan and under established processes. We’re experts in the agricultural industry and have over 20 years of experience in planning full-service agriculture market research projects. From scheduling and designing surveys to data collection, we utilize our full-time research engagement center and established insights community to design and execute custom research projects for any outcome. Our tried and tested process involves:

Developing a proposal plan: Preparation is the best indicator of success. During this stage, team members are introduced and definitions are set for research specifications, timelines and milestones, communication plans, escalation paths, and a partner approval process if the scope needs to shift or change. Inevitably throughout the research process, obstacles will appear. Being prepared in advance for how to manage and pivot around these is what sets us apart.

The kick-off call: Within 24 to 48 hours of booking your research project, we will schedule a project launch call. Digging deeper and going beyond the information provided during your booking, this call will inspire total confidence in our alignment with your goals and give you clarity about the project. You’ll be introduced to your project manager, who will set expectations for ongoing communication protocols.

Prior to the project launch, you will have a clear understanding of the entire research logistics plan, including:

Research specifications: We will define objectives and methodologies, specify quotas, and outline sponsorship and incentives details.

Target audience engagement details: We will determine the audience description, the screening criteria for qualifications, and the sampling plan for source and availability. We will also prescribe communication outlets for engagement and the respondent experience we plan to deliver.

Expectations for each other: Here, we outline the next-step deliverables from your project manager to you, and from you to your project manager. We will also define a future contact point.

No matter how well thought-out your research project may be, a comprehensive and considered kick-off and execution plan are critical for success. We take the time and pay attention to the details to ensure the greatest chance for success in all of our ag research projects. This ensures a seamless experience for our clients, thus extending your team’s capacity without unduly inflating your overheads.

Does Ag Access Have a Proven Process to Get the Research Done on Time?

Our comprehensive process increases your chances for success, not only in achieving your ag research project on time and within budget, but in ensuring those insights make a real impact on your business. Here’s how Ag Acess ensures your ag research project is delivered on time:

Get it right from the outset: How much do you know, and how much is based on anecdotal evidence or conjecture? Right from the start, we get the lay of the land, mining your observations and experience to scope the project from a realistic standpoint. This process may change the perspective of the initiative, but doing so saves time, money, and trouble further down the line.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How: A successful agriculture market research project is about more than ticking boxes by a certain date. Defining and differentiating things like how your long-time customers feel versus new customers, when and where data is collected from, and how recent events are influencing responses are all integral. These feed into scoping your project, setting the right objectives, ensuring they’re delivered on time, and – most importantly – providing accurate and meaningful data.

Planning deliverables and follow-ups: Our “matchmaking process” pairs you, our client, with the right ag research initiative, and the ideal project manager. As your main point of contact, your project manager oversees the project, from defining objectives and deliverables to executing the project, and following up on the results. Taking full responsibility for the day-to-day, your expert project manager works closely with you (that’s right – client involvement is crucial) to ensure your objectives are met. This close relationship means your project is delivered on time, within budget, and according to the parameters put in place.

How Do We Successfully Collaborate with Ag Access?

Collaborating with Ag Access is not a “set and forget” arrangement. A close relationship with your research and data collection partner will ensure that your feedback, opinions, and input are heard. Your thoughts are considered throughout the project and are especially critical during decision-making stages – be that during initial planning, or on the go as obstacles arise. Our clients’ input and opinions are central to our approach, as ultimately, our clients and their stakeholders are the true owners of any project we undertake.

What Is the Division of Labor between My Team and Ag Access?

Although we expect our clients to be hands-on throughout the project, your project manager will take ownership of the deliverables to ensure things go to plan (and adapt when they don’t). The division of labor or, ‘how much time do I need to spend on this project?’ will be defined during your kick-off to ensure you know where you stand and what’s expected from both partners throughout the process.

Sorting the Wheat From the Chaff

The agricultural industry, like most, is continually changing. For successful research, only experts in the industry can deliver what you need. Ag Access is the expert in agricultural research with proven success in delivering on time, on budget, and within scope. For meaningful data that makes a big ag business impact, Ag Access is the wheat above the chaff.

How can Ag Access help? Participant show rates have the power to make or break a qualitative research study. It takes expert collaboration to design an effective qualitative research program, recruit the right people, and nail down interview day logistics. Explore how Ag Access’ carefully managed research process nets real results for an agriculture consultant. Download this helpful guide today.



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