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What’s so Special about Ag-Tech Research? A Precision Points Interview with Colson Steber

Discussing his market research expertise with Morgan Seger, the host of the Precision Points, an Ag Tech Podcast, our Co-CEO, Colson Steber, makes a case for process and rigor. Colson provides a behind-the-scenes look at marketing research, specifically within the agriculture industry and demonstrates the value of accessing data for important decision making and better business impact. Market research is about understanding what we DON’T know and it’s hard to know what you don’t know ­– unless you research or investigate it. With proper research, knowledge is given context and perspective – providing confidence in decision making. Gaining this level of insight is what can make or break a product launch or give a business the information it needs to make a more profitable decision.

In this podcast interview, Colson discusses the importance of having a system when the answers are unknown. “We have our own research logistics proven process that is about bringing a real rigor of market research structure to collecting data and performing research,” he states.

The difference that sets Ag Access apart is not only in the proven process that allows each research project to be planned and executed perfectly, but also in the vast industry experience and “insider” status Ag Access has. As Colson explains, “What makes us unique, is that we do understand all of the roles and technical specifics of decision making responsible and how the supply chain works. And have worked to build relationships with tens of thousands of people across those different roles to actually participate in research directly with us.”

Ag Access was founded on the idea that agriculture research is unique and different from conventional consumer research. Getting the right farmer on the phone to discuss their needs around your product or brand, or finding 100 veterinarians to survey, may be the defining difference in your next big business decision.

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