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Harvest 2023: Meals that Mean More

Every harvest season paints a picture of hard work, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of yield. But behind the machinery and the golden crops, there’s a more personal story: what do our farmers bring to the fields with them to eat and drink to keep going? Three years ago, we explored this question. Today, we’re back to see if and how things have changed.

The verdict? Sandwiches are still a favorite. In fact, they’re even more popular now, with 84% of our members choosing them, up from 78% in 2020.

Chips and fruits remain steadfast companions, chosen by more than half of our community. There’s also a clear trend toward healthier options: veggies have jumped to 31% (vs 22%), fruits are up at 57% (vs 53%), and sliced meats have made notable gains, chosen by 18% (vs. 11%).

As for hydration, water is the undisputed champ at 92%. Coffee, however, has seen a dip in favor, with more folks now opting for tea and the occasional energy drink.

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Outside of the normal food and drink, we saw several unique items emerge, highlighting the blend of traditional and modern among our farmers. From packing special snacks for their loyal dogs to cherishing homemade cookies from a 90-year-old mother, the sentimental ties run deep. Simultaneously, the use of electric lunchboxes and plug-in fridges showcases farmers’ adaptability and their embrace of modern conveniences even on the go to ensure warm meals and cold drinks during their hardworking days.

While our survey provided a plethora of insights, one item was mentioned numerous times, and captured the essence of what the harvest season truly means for many of our farmers:

The gift of a meal, hand-delivered to the fields.

This isn’t just about sustenance. It’s a wife, a mother, or a cherished loved one bridging the gap between the bustling household and the vast expanse of the fields. It’s a testament to the love, care, and deep bonds that fuel our farmers beyond just food. In the midst of demanding days and the vastness of the fields, these personal deliveries become a beacon of warmth, connection, and home. 

In closing, our Harvest 2023 insights paint a vivid picture of our farming community’s dedication, innovation, and the strong bonds of family and tradition. A heartfelt thank you to all participants for sharing their stories. And to our marketers and researchers, a gentle reminder: let’s respect the sanctity of the harvest season.

Without our wonderful community of over 400,000 members in the ag industry, we wouldn’t have access to these sorts of insights. In the same way, without access to the right audience, you can’t make sound business decisions. Learn more about how finding the right audience can impact your choices by downloading our case study Access to the Right People Can Shift Your Decisions for Good.

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